Motorcycle Suspension Set Up and Tuning by Aden at Restorace Motorcycles

Suspension.  Sag.  Rebound.  Compression.  Spring Rate..

It’s likely that you have been hearing the buzz about the importance of motorcycle suspension and the benefits of having it set up correctly.  The good news is that getting your suspension set up correctly and tailored to YOU is a quick and inexpensive way to gain improvements in the feel and safety of your ride.

When you get your motorcycle suspension set up by Aden Cartwright at Restorace Motorcycles, you can expect:

  • increased safety

  • improved handling

  • better tyre wear

  • faster lap times

Aden has gained a bit of a cult following when it comes to his motorcycle suspension expertise, and therefore you need to be quick to lock in one of his very popular Suspension Set Up spots at Restorace Motorcycles in Westgate, Auckland.

With his vast motorcycle race scene experience, both in NZ and internationally, as well as being endorsed by internationally respected suspension technician Dave Moss, Aden is the man to see to get your suspension set up on your motorbike.  It doesn’t matter what suspension your bike currently has installed, or if your motorbike is your everyday transport, cafe racer, trackday weapon, racebike or somewhere in between – getting the suspension checked over and set up correctly has potential to make some huge improvements to the handling and safety of your bike.

Get in touch with Aden to book in your spot for a suspension set up and make the most of his wealth of knowledge and advice.  You won’t regret it!

Aden is also available for technical support at the racetrack – trackdays, groups or one-on-one.  Phone us to discuss availability and pricing.

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